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Saúde e Sabor

Gnocchi al Sugo "Family"

Gnocchi al Sugo "Family"

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Legend has it that in the 4th century, a Christian saint called Saint Pantaleon walked the streets hungry and disguised as a wanderer. He knocked on the door of a house asking for food and the residents, although suspicious and with few resources, were willing to share. The meal yielded 7 gnocchi balls for each person at the table.
At the end of the meal, Saint Pantaleon left a gift to the hosts for their kindness and courtesy and later the hosts discovered many gold coins under each dish.
This story has become known all over the world and tradition says that if you eat the 7 gnocchi balls standing up, imagining a wish being made with each ball ingested, you will attract fortune and luck!

  • Gnocchi Potato
  • Sugo sauce

Other ingredients: wheat flour, egg, butter, onion, tomato sauce, celery, sea salt, garlic, cornstarch, whole milk, parmesan cheese, brown sugar, extra virgin olive oil, black pepper, basil, oregano and blond.
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*Some elements are illustrative and subject to change without prior notice.

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