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Saúde e Sabor

Health and Flavor Ground Beef (3 Servings)

Health and Flavor Ground Beef (3 Servings)

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Carne Saúde e Sabor is made with soft thigh, loose texture and seasoned with balance. It is made with high quality meat and a low percentage of fat, ideal for those who train and want to consume a greater amount of protein daily and in isolation. It can also be used to prepare other dishes, such as sauces or fillings.

  • Seasoned ground beef

Other ingredients: onion, chicken thighs, spinach, celery, sea salt, olive oil, garlic, mustard, black pepper and bay leaves.

150g x 3 portion = 450g

*Some elements are illustrative and subject to change without prior notice.

Warming instructions on packaging label.

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